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Leschi Marketing, a Seattle SEO Agency based in Edmonds WA

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Why Leschi Marketing and why SEO?

Our mission is simple: To make new steady lead sources for clients that generate massive ROI to allow their company’s to grow.

We accomplish this mission through using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Lead Generation to quantitatively show you more revenue to your bottom line over time, sometimes in the first month.

Search Engine Optimization

According to Google, Ipsos Media, and Purchased, when people are searching for a local business, 80% of consumers use the internet to find information about local businesses and services, and of those, 50% of the consumers contact the business the same day, with 18% of the total searches resulting in a purchase.

We can get your company to dominate Google results – both in Maps and Organic results. We can even grab multiple spots on the first page for you.

Google, mobile search, and the internet are *not* going away – so why not grab an additional slice of your market with a solid online marketing strategy? To learn how you can dominate your market, then please fill out our Application.

Lead Generation

Do either of these scenarios describe your past paid advertising campaigns?

  1. You’ve spent thousands on AdWords with no results to show for it.
  2. You’ve purchased countless leads from providers that send the same leads to 10 other companies.

Wouldn’t you rather pay for results on exclusive inbound leads?  Now you can!

Our Lead Generation program is based on results, with metrics we agree to before the campaign even starts.  If we generate an exclusive qualified call for your business, you pay for that exclusive call – nothing else.

If you’re interested in learning how you can quickly make a ROI, then please fill out our Application.


Our Process

We take the time to understand your business and your long-term goals.  We then craft the right online marketing strategy to outperform your competition.  We want every single one of our clients to absolutely dominate Google so they can significantly expand their business!

Custom Marketing

Beware of cookie-cutter, same-price-for-everyone SEO packages!  Every SEO campaign should be different – each company has competitive landscapes. We take the time to understand your company, goals, and competition to craft the right marketing for you.

Keyword Research

In planning your SEO and Lead Generation campaigns, we research what keywords are working in the market, and optimize your campaign to target the right set of keywords that have the highest “buyer intent.”

On-Page Optimization

After your keywords are selected, the next step of your SEO campaign is to make your website optimized so that it’s relevant to the keywords we’re targeting. This allows us to take full advantage of the effects from the Off-Page portion of your SEO campaign.

Get Found

It’s incredibly important to be able to be found in relevant searches on Google – in the Maps results and Organic results. Through our SEO campaign, we will help your company dominate your market, so you can capture far more new clients for your business.


We provide all of our clients over-the-shoulder views of their progress.  In our monthly reporting, we provide 10-15 minute videos that walk through the progress we’ve made during that month, including traffic increases, keyword improvements, inbound calls from Lead Generation, and more.

Who We Are

Tom Flann

I own Leschi Marketing, which is a SEO company based in Edmonds, WA.  My career before Leschi Marketing was doing IT Project Management for start-ups and technology companies, and Management Consulting in the Oil & Gas Industry.  What brought me to Seattle was a contract to manage a marketing campaign for ASUS/Intel.

I’ve always loved the Pacific Northwest though. Growing up, I spent many summers at Sequim, quite a few holidays in Seattle, and now consider Edmonds home.  Whenever it decides to be both sunny *and* warm, you’ll find me out on the water or hitting the nearest mountain biking trails.

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Our Client Examples

Here are recent rankings reports from some of our clients. Client references can be provided on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different?

  • We have proven results
  • We’re local (Edmonds, WA)
  • We’re a phone call away
  • You’ll work directly with the owner
  • You’re company is the only one that we’ll work with in your industry and city
  • Our only goal is to grow your business – when you win, we win!

More specifically, we create custom designed online marketing programs that are designed for your company’s short- and long-term goals. Our online marketing programs could include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Lead Generation, and Online Paid Advertising (such as Google AdWords), which can get you calls starting in the first week.

Can you tell me more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

We talk with you to find out what makes your ideal client, then we build a custom list of valuable keywords for your campaign. From there, we rank your company’s website in organic search results and in Google Maps. Google has a couple hundred ranking factors for SEO, and they are consistently changing what goes into their search algorithm – we stay informed of what’s going on, so you can focus on your customers.

Can you rank me for multiple spots on page 1?

We can! There are some companies that are already taking full advantage of this. You can rank multiple web properties on the first page for many searches, for example there are companies that have a spot in Maps, have their website ranking in Organic, they have their Yelp page ranking Organic, and more.

Can you tell me more about your Lead Generation Program?

We make it pretty simple – if you receive a qualified inbound phone call from a potential customer, you’re charged. We set the call qualifications before the campaign even starts.

You don’t have to worry about ad spend and management fees for AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, or any other platform out there. If your business gets a qualified call, you’re charged -we believe in pay-for-performance for our Lead Generation Program.

What's a Qualified Call?

We set qualifications for what makes a qualified call before the campaign even starts – these can include call length, location of caller, and even for a specific service they’re calling about.

Will my company be the only one you work with in my area?

Of course! We’re looking to work with one company in each vertical in each geographic area. You get exclusivity when you work with us. We think it’s wrong when a online marketing company works with multiple clients that are competing against each other.

You aren’t another number to us, and you won’t be passed off to an Account Manager that has 99 other clients – you’ll always be working with the owner of the company.

Can I use your services along with my other marketing providers?

It depends. Generally, our marketing doesn’t overlap with offline or existing online efforts, but if you have existing marketing campaigns you’re happy with, we can see what is possible to work with them.  Our goal is to bring your company entirely new revenue streams.

How do I keep track of leads generated through your Lead Generation Program?

You sign into our online portal to view all call information and to listen to the calls you receive from us – you can even see which are qualified or unqualified. In addition, we routinely send a report with a summary of calls received. If your Lead Generation Program is being run in conjunction with a SEO campaign, the results will be included in your monthly video update.

Can you provide referrals or examples of your work?

Yes. We protect our clients by not publicly broadcasting them on our website.

I want to start dominating Google, how do we get started?

Fill out the Discovery Form, we’ll put together a video outlining your current online presence and your competition. Then we can schedule a 30-minute phone call to answer any questions you have and to determine the next step.


Get Started

If you’re ready to start dominating Google search results and really grow your business, please complete our Discovery Form. Once finished, you’ll have an over-the-shoulder view on how your competition is taking business from you – and a proven plan on how you can beat them!